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YK Moore has been making music since the age of 14. He is a music producer who likes to experiment with all music. He has mainly done hip-hop records for such artists as Brem Lo (106&Park), Young Mac (Higher Than Most), RedRum, Sparkzheat, Fhat... Read More

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  • Look At Me Now

  • Take A Listen

    Knowledge is Power Vol 1

  • Power Of Black

    Power Of Black Single

  • Chasing A Dream Interlude

    They Want Moore 2

  • Flying Break

    They Want Moore 2

  • Moment

    They Want Moore 2

  • On My Sht

    They Want Moore 2

  • The Best

    They Want Moore 2

  • We Gon Make It

    They Want Moore 2

  • Beast Mode

    They Want Moore Vol 1

  • Holding Back

    They Want Moore Vol 1

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