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Victor is a multi-talented musician, singer, song writer, and producer but his main instruments are the wood winds.(saxes, clarinets and flutes)His career started at an early age while he was still in Jr High School, ( middle school) playing his firs... Read More

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  • Loves Gone

    Da Web Respun

  • Island Girl

    Island Girl

  • Butterfly Wings

    Let Your Mind Fly

  • Haz Volar A Tu Imaginacion

    Let Your Mind Fly

  • King Cobra

    Let Your Mind Fly

  • Let Your Mind Fly

    Let Your Mind Fly

  • Ojos De Abril

    Let Your Mind Fly

  • Put A Little Funk

    Let Your Mind Fly

  • Si Te Amo

    Let Your Mind Fly

  • Voyage To Your Heart

    Let Your Mind Fly

  • Call On Jesus

    My Prayer

  • Children Of The Sun

    Mystic Journey

  • Sensual

    Mystic Journey

  • Sleepless

    Mystic Journey

  • The Black Mambo

    Mystic Journey

  • MJ Rez Do

    No Where To Hide

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