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T.O.M. Project - acronym for Temibile Orchestra Meccanica (Fearsome Mechanical Orchestra) - is our no-boundaries, no clichés vision of music.Faithful to this approach, our debut EP - The Selfish Love Manifesto - has been published on March 2013, anti... Read More

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  • F.L.Y. Fucking Love You

    The Selfish Love Manifesto

  • Gone A Song About Leaving

    The Selfish Love Manifesto

  • Outside The Selfish Love Manifesto

    The Selfish Love Manifesto

  • Save Me A Sort of Prayer

    The Selfish Love Manifesto

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Sansha Blue

New Alternative, Progressive and a spattering of Psychedlic Rock

Phillip Foxley

Phillip Foxley is a multi-genre songwriter & guitarist writing and producing Blues, Rock, Punk and Piano and Acoustic music from his home studio in Conwy, North Wales UK.


Alternative, Indie Rock, with flashbacks to 90's alternative


There’s a lot of variety in our music: it can be fast, slow, quiet, loud, simple, complicated, acoustic, heavy, instrumental, not instrumental, etc., and we're proud of not fitting any particular category, as a result. If variety is the spice of life...