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Sugar Gliders is a vehicle I (Steve Wright) created here at Taupo in January 2008. This enables me to perform songs I write and produce in my home studio live. Most times I will invite locally based musicians to join me on stage. Or sometimes I may d... Read More

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  • beyond the blame

  • bigg house b

  • load up on love preview

  • preview holding back the pain

  • sail as one remix 3 10 13

  • Release the Doves

    Release the Doves - Single

  • Bye bye blues preview

    Revolution Girl

  • holy water mellow

    Revolution Girl

  • Midnight in 3

    Revolution Girl

  • Revolution Girl

    Revolution Girl

  • Rising Up

    Revolution Girl

  • sail as one

    Revolution Girl

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There’s a lot of variety in our music: it can be fast, slow, quiet, loud, simple, complicated, acoustic, heavy, instrumental, not instrumental, etc., and we're proud of not fitting any particular category, as a result. If variety is the spice of life...

Atlantic Eyes

A mix of indie pop, punk, and electronic music


Alternative, Rap; Chillflow