Rayne Storm

Rayne Storm


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Rayne Storm is a multi-talented hip-hop artist and producer who wrote his first play in the first grade and always maintained a passion for wordplay, storytelling and music. Born and raised in Sugar Hill, namesake of the creators of the hip-hop class... Read More

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  • Champagne feat. Perelini

    Champagne (feat. Perelini) - Single

  • A Miracle

    Storms Coming: The Mixtape

  • Boyz On The Block ft. Decadez

    Storms Coming: The Mixtape

  • Me

    Storms Coming: The Mixtape

  • Me At My Best ft. OG Un & Big L

    Storms Coming: The Mixtape

  • My Salvation

    Storms Coming: The Mixtape

  • My Testimony ft. Flawless

    Storms Coming: The Mixtape

  • The Patriot

    Storms Coming: The Mixtape

  • West Coast Love (feat. Ill Drew, Tash, Profane Remy & Black Silver)

    West Coast Love (feat. Ill Drew, Tash, Profane Remy & Black Silver) - Single

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Things are starting to heat up for me, now I just have to set-up and come through on my end. My first priority was to get my music out there to be heard. That step its done now the next step is to create and produce song worthy of being called a hit.

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