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Ortega The Omega was born March 1988. Raised in South Central Los Angeles. The city where things happen based on the decisions you make. As a little kid, he would listen to his homeboy’s uncle play “West Coast Gangsta Rap” in his DJ system. When he w... Read More

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  • Bumpin

  • Im a Outlaw (feat. Young Noble of the Outlawz)

    Im a Outlaw (feat. Young Noble of the Outlawz) - Single

  • Money & Betrayal feat. Golden CHild

    Liquid Army Promo Tapes

  • New Era feat. eNVy

    Liquid Army Promo Tapes

  • No Time 2 Lie Down

    Liquid Army Promo Tapes

  • U Cant F Wit Us

    Liquid Army Promo Tapes

  • One Shot (feat. Brown Suga)

    One Shot (feat. Brown Suga) - Single

  • Ride or Die Music

    Ride or Die Music - Single

  • Spotlight


  • Until We Feel Alright (feat. Shade Sheist)

    Until We Feel Alright (feat. Shade Sheist) - Single

  • Untouchable (feat. Glasses Malone)

    Untouchable (feat. Glasses Malone) - Single

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His style is great, his music is one of a kind, and he is smooth. Once you hear his music, you will automatically fall in love with his style. His sound has never been matched. Using live sounds mixed with studio sounds has never been done. Marlon J....

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Versatility I can touch all angles of music