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I am a student at community college of Philadelphia studying sound recording & music technology. If you are a artist looking for music production please hit my website for contact info.

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  • Acoustic Love

  • All of Me Feat. A. J. Dupree

  • Bundle

  • collective music

  • Completely funky

  • Derrick Hodge

  • Double Cheeseburger

  • Im sick

  • Its about the drums!!!!

  • Jaiden Lullaby

  • Jamie Foxx The Brady Bunch Muzicmajor

  • Lift Every Voice

  • Little Rascals Melody

  • love music

  • Luke James I Want You

  • Musical Interlude

  • Muzicmajor

  • muzicmajor2

  • muzicmajor3


  • R&B Neo Soul

  • R&B Rock

  • Reggaeton

  • Rocky Theme Song Remix

  • Soul Music

  • Soul Track

  • Time_Elaspe

  • Trey Songz Wonder Woman remix

  • unwind music

  • Usher ~ Climax Remix

  • Wierd

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