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I am 24 yrs old, I reside in Buffalo, NY,(716). I have been spittin' fo 12 yrs now. I consider my self to be a very confident rapper, I am my number one fan. All of my music is based on true events troughout my life, I do alot of freestylin,right now... Read More

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  • Hustlin

  • In the Morning

  • Lay It Down

  • money to blow

  • Monster

  • Paper Chasin

  • Get it poppin

    Da Vinci Code

  • Champagne Life

    Junnies land Vol 2

  • From The L O Freestyle

    Junnies land Vol 2

  • Miss Me Freestyle

    Junnies land Vol 2

  • The Last Hope

    Junnies land Vol 2

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