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  • E:Musicpoonunreal

  • getter days

  • just move it slower and slower and slower

  • K:MusicUnknown ArtistUnknown Album (9 11 2009 2 51 54 PM)1 Track 1

  • Let me live

  • Old Republic

  • party hard

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born in houston tx nov 2 1987 jorge rodriguez alias drastiko mr.die slow also known as struggle came from a family who never owned a new car or a home till this day.grew up as a child from the ghetto houston heights is hood to be exact grew up bangin...


Embassy music is a Hip Hop duo from Chicago, Illinois consisting of Pro2je & Ayebuks. The two started out making music for the fun of it around early 04, after a few years of honing their skills it wasn't too long before the two were buzzing around t...