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What's Up This Jinxs. I so delighted that you came to show some L.O.V.E or just came by to check out my ring tone.Feel free to make yourself at home.I hope you enjoy my music First Off , I would like to thank the my Lord and savior Jesus Christ for ... Read More

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  • Adernaline Pumping

  • Are You all Alone

  • Fresh in Tha Club

  • Get Ingorant

  • Make That Booty Get Ugly!

  • Everyday Im Shine

    Dreams & Ambitions LP

  • Closer to my Dreams

    More Than MusiKC

  • Doing It Right

    More Than MusiKC

  • Hypnosis

    More Than MusiKC

  • I Feel Like Dying

    More Than MusiKC

  • Im in tha Zone!

    More Than MusiKC

  • Swag Out

    More Than MusiKC