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  • Im Certified

  • Imma Thug

  • Talk My Shit

  • ILLa Doe

    Unstable Mindframe

  • Kushed Out 2 da Max

    UnStable MindFrame Mixtape

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Many artists strive to stand out, be noticed others, just strive to be unique. This is the story of the Da Face, so named because what is taken at face value barely skims the surface of the true character of this artist. His style, hip hop/rap but w...


ISWHAT?! started out in 1996 as a renegade hip-hop trio, focusing on live performances, but instead of only saluting rap pioneers, the group connects Hip-hop with free-jazz, rock and soul in a unique way. The crew is: Napoleon"Solo"Maddox: Frontm...

Ghost on A Stick

I'm The Guy with the Ghost On A Stick!