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Born in Sleepy Hollow, N. Y., April 17, 1960, moved to Ohio in 1964, the year of the New York World\\s Fair. Went to a country elementary school in Maineville, Ohio. One year of Jr. High at Little Miami and one year at Loveland Jr. High, then a coupl... Read More

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  • Gone

    2010-01-02 2125

  • Jason the Mason

    2010-01-02 2125

  • My Juanita

    2010-01-02 2125

  • When Our Days are Fille

    2010-01-02 2125

  • Me and My Baby Down in Tennessee


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Jane Tanfei is a multi-instrumentalist folk singer from the US. She takes her interest in and adoration for musical styles originating around the world and blends them to create a style that suits her. Her debut album, Transform, was released worldwi...