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Big RomeCamden/Forrest City, ArkansasBand Page:https://bigrome.bandpage.comFacebook: Jerome Higgs is his birth name. He was born in a small town in Southern Missouri. He m... Read More

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  • Check Me Out

    Mentally Disturbed/Scarred 4 Life - EP

  • I Got It

    Mentally Disturbed/Scarred 4 Life - EP

  • Music Therapy

    Mentally Disturbed/Scarred 4 Life - EP

  • My Struggle

    Mentally Disturbed/Scarred 4 Life - EP

  • Who I Am

    Mentally Disturbed/Scarred 4 Life - EP

  • Strictly4radio

    Strictly4radio - Single

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Rapper and singer/songwriter ??CHi blends hip-hop-inspired beats, eclectic samples, and traditional songwriting in his music. Born in Gary,IND and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana, ??CHi grew up listening to Curtis Mayfield, Tupac A. Shakur, and Bob...

Jacob Marshall

Jacob Is a visionary and activist for freedom, peace, and creating realistic solutions for the challenges our world is faced with. From Environmental, Renewable energy/ sustainability, social/economic justice, ridding the world of poverty and standin...

Cortez Mckinnon

Demetrius Cortez Mckinnon [5] (born June 23, 1996), known professionally as Cortez Mckinnon,[2] is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. He is considered to be one of the most influential rappers of his generation, with his music having heavily...