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William C. Lang (A.K.A. BaybKing) B.A.Y.B. the bayb in baybking stands for bad, ass, yellow, boy. In details bad meaning good in what BaybKing do.. In high school we had this click called “Tha Youth” we all had to have names I made up B.A... Read More

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  • Alright

  • Hater Love-BaybKing Ft. Mank Payne

  • Long Time

  • Lookin Hot-CliqNent Ft. BaybKing

  • Night CAp-BaybKing Ft. Shank

  • On Deck-BaybKing Ft. Ghost

  • She Wanna Ride-Mank Payne Ft. BaybKing

  • The Best-BaybKing Ft. Ghost

  • Tired of It

  • Another Galaxy-BaybKing Ft. Shank

    Bown To Happen

  • Bedroom Eyes

    Bown To Happen

  • Mrs.Jones

    Bown To Happen

  • Sex Me For Life-BaybKing Ft. Sino

    Bown To Happen

  • For the Last time

    Pain Is Love and Life Is The Reality

  • Pain Is Love & Life is the Reality

    Pain Is Love and Life Is The Reality

  • Slow Wind

    Pain Is Love and Life Is The Reality

  • Ups & Downs

    Pain Is Love and Life Is The Reality

  • We Miss Yall

    Pain Is Love and Life Is The Reality

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