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Wm Perry is a cross-genre Indie-Rock/PsychFolk/Roots singer-songwriter with a hint of Punk &amp; the more avant-garde.&nbsp; Tight, well-crafted songs that are sometimes disturbing, with jangled-y edges, but the music's bouncy &amp; catchy darkness will leave you feeling pretty good.&nbsp; Honest &amp; not boring!<br /> <br /> Great article about Wm Perry in Target Audiece Magazine, review of album &quot;Flight Risk, No Bond&quot; &amp; photos of his artwork at http://www.targetaudiencemagazine.com/uploads/2011/wm_perry.php<br /> <br /> Links, with FREE downloads:<br /> http://www.sonicbids.com/wmperry (&quot;official&quot; page with bio &amp; press)<br /> http://www.myspace.com/wmperrymusic<br /> http://www.soundclick/wmperry (50 songs here)<br /> <br /> Biography<br /> Failed. Kept moving. Your typical starving-artist story. BFA from the Art Institute of Chicago, followed by several years in the Sign Industry. Front man in a multitude of short-lived bands, playing in clubs and warehouses in Chicago and LA's artsy, marginal war-zone neighborhoods. Now solo artist, self-recording. Moved from Chicago to Cincinnati; &quot;economic refugee&quot;, you could say. Bought a cheap, old house on Craig's List, without seeing it first! Now completing the renovations to make four floors of combined living/studio space.<br /> <br /> Instrumentation<br /> Guitars, keyboards, voice, computers:<br /> William McGuffey Perry <br /> <br /> Discography<br /> Includes the self-recorded LP's:<br /> Flight Risk, No Bond<br /> Entire Approx<br /> It Can't Be Nighttime Everywhere<br /> Wm. Perry - Draw Your Own Design! <br /> <br /> RECENT PRESS:<br /> Young Moss Tongue says &quot;a shitload of jawdroppingly stunning songs&quot; and posts two LP's with more than 600 downloads the first week:<br /> http://youngmosstongue.blogspot.com/2011/02/wm-perry-draw-your-own-design.html<br /> http://youngmosstongue.blogspot.com/2011/03/wm-perry-flight-risk-no-bond.html<br /> <br /> Actual influences, as well as some music you, too, might enjoy: Bob Dylan, The Fall, The Mekons, Silver Jews, The Clash, The Jazz Butcher, John Cale, Neil Young, Nick Cave, Mott the Hoople, John Prine, Magazine, The Pixies, Robyn Hitchcock, Golden Smog, Pernice Bros., Fatima Mansions, Leon Russell, Microdisney, Elvis Costello, Camper Van Beethoven, Talking Heads, XTC, Bukka White, The Pogues, Screaming Blue Messiahs, Hank Williams, pre-WW2 country blues, and Rockabilly. And of course, the Beatles, Kinks, and Rolling Stones.<br />

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  • (I'm So) Bored

  • Abandoned House

  • Awfully Bent Hours

  • Big Broad Daylight

  • Catalog

  • Every Crappy Thing

  • Funeral Birds

  • Horseholed

  • Life During Some Other Time

  • Torn Into Tickets

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