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Formerly known as The Relay, The Future Unwritten is quickly gaining momentum in the world of indie rock music. With two well received albums and air-play on several major radio stations throughout the mid-Atlantic region, they are declaring themselves as a force to be reckoned with. <p>After forming in the summer of 2005, The Future Unwritten was received with praise after playing shows in and around Philadelphia. Shortly after recording their first LP &ldquo;We Have Our Moments&rdquo;, the band recorded their EP &ldquo;Extended Play&rdquo; with the help of the established Milkboy Studios in Pennsylvania. &ldquo;Extended Play&rdquo; was voted &ldquo;Best Rock EP of the Year&rdquo; by radio station 93.7 WSTW. In 2007, The Future Unwritten won a battle of the bands: The Grand School of Music&rsquo;s Musikarmagedon, further proving that they deserve to be heard. In 2008 the band was chosen to appear on Los Angeles based JetSpeed Records &quot;Punk Rawkus&quot; Compilation.</p> Playing in venues throughout New York, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. The Future Unwritten continue to gather more adoring fans and shape themselves into a powerful indie rock band.<br />

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