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  • The Basics Feat Ze-luv & Keith Swayz

  • Black Jack 21 Gun Salute

    Black Jack 21 Gun Salute - Single

  • Get Em

    Last Restort Mixtape

  • The Way

    Last Restort Mixtape

  • Time of Our Lifez

    Last Restort Mixtape

  • The Basic (feat. Keith Swayz & Ze'luv)

    The Basic (feat. Keith Swayz & Ze'luv) - Single

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my name is O.D. and i am a music producer and hip hop artist from Nashville,TNfor FTW INC. AND CASHVILLESOUNDS PRODUCTIONS, my prices are 30 for a lease and 100 for all rights also check out my soundclick page for more beats http://members.soundclick...


Demonized mentality, Angelical heart & in control of ones Soul§§ReoGalor#RedbullTrippin ~Wit~ #KIDZ~OnA~#Galorious#JourneyToExcalibur~With#AyEvolIReoGalor (Rio-Galore) Through the beat of his heart, which transcends into lyrical harmony and rhythm in...