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Download Now Boarding EP (2012) Free Pink Roses (2013) Mini Album| Road To the Riches Mixtape I Release Date TBD22 years of age with 9 years of studying and exploring the art in which ... Read More

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  • Getting Wavey ft Dnai

    Now Boarding EP

  • What We Do

    Now Boarding EP

  • Pink Roses ft Maskerade

    Pink Roses

  • Platinum Girl

    Pink Roses

  • Good Life ft J.Essy

    Road To The Riches I

  • Let Em Know Play My Song

    Road To The Riches I

  • Road To The Riches

    Road To The Riches I

  • Sing For Me

    Road To The Riches I

  • J Essy & Marvo Class A


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Born in Chicago, IL "Cook County Hospital" (Shaun Norwood Jr) better known by his stage name "Shakey Da Suplya" became interested in music at the age of three and started playing the drums at just the age of five. At eleven he moved to Peoria IL wher...


Music equals movement; a simple phrase that expresses more than what meets the eye. This phrase seeks to portray a lifestyle; one that doesn’t stop at good enough, one that doesn’t stop in the midst of heartache, trials, and tribulation, and on...


Name:Gunna State/City Ypsilanti,Michigan17 year old whos just tryna make something outta nothing... god gave me this talent so i gotta use it.. Im looking to do shows. and make alot of music..CHECK ME OUT

puffIt Flaim

Puff it is when nothing else matters when all problems can be gone with one puff.I am an aspiring rapper trying to tell my story