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Lennon John is a budding new artist emerging from the streets of Cincinnati Ohio, instilling a fresh new take on classic R&B music. Currently Lennon John has debuted his freshman album titled "Audio Reality; Life in Music." Lennon J. George was born ... Read More

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  • Lennon John 4 A.M. Remi

    4AM Remix beat by Boggie Wizard

  • Futuristic Luv-Lennon John prod. by Edy Monster

    Audio Reality 2 (Life is Music)

  • Say She Wanna Dance (Dance 4 Me) produced by Edy Monster

    Audio Reality 2 (Life is Music)

  • 9Gotti Watch What I Do

    Edy Monster GoReaLaTunez Music

  • John Gotti 1 Fish Produ

    John Gotti

  • John Gotti-Shorty So Bad (Beat by STAT) Official Single

    John Gotti

  • John Gotti-Weezy ft. Lil Wanye

    John Gotti

  • Give It 2 U (Snip)

    Lennon John

  • I Gotta Lot-J Marsh Ft Lennon John

    Lennon John

  • Lennon John-Under The Tree (Merry Christmas Remix)

    Lennon John

  • Sex U Right Ft 9Gotti

    Lennon John

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When I was little, I used to take bubble baths and my brother would practice the piano downstairs. I guess it was the relaxing combination of the bubble bath and piano music that led me to soak it up....get it? I have on video me banging on the piano...