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Greetings from Linda Herman Ah you have reached me, Linda Herman. I play and ACCORDION. Ah but it is not just an accordion but a Roland V Accordion. The latest greatest I might add -the 7X. It is an awesome instrument. I midi it to a Ketron SD3 soun... Read More

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  • Back In His Arms

  • Gasoline Blues

  • Lets Dance The Christmas Waltz

  • Ode To The Sutliff Bridge

  • Such Is Life

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band members: Michael Glenn, Mark Warren, Billiam. we are an instrumental group that pays tribute to the music styles of the late 1960s and 1970s. using backward effects, guitar pedals, and strange synth sounds is our speciality. thanks for checking ...


Marc A. Medley is an instrumental jazz artist who officially broke onto the scene in 2011 with his first release Go Up On The Third Limb. His second release The Wrinkled Rag was just released in March 2013.Mr. Medley is also the host of The Reading C...


After attending The Columbia School of Broadcasting, accompanied Artists such as Albertina Walker, James Cleveland, Little Richard, and Vicki Winan. Currently seeking promotion for my song titles as they are currently in rotation at several radio sta...