Esojay Luciano

Esojay Luciano


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  • Pound Cake Freestyle

  • Ruc My World Ft Funbi

    Champagne Freestyle Sessions

  • Mr Lover Se Mi DaDa Ft


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#TEAM F.M.L. BIOGRAPHY: Just when you thought it was all over: #Team F.M.L. (Free Minded Lyricist), the seemingly limitless, multi-genre trio, includes the beautiful Brittany &ldquo;Koren&rdquo; Jackson, I Am Tatz Muzik and Million$ Of Power. #Team ...


I am Lyrical Legacy, L2 for short, and I am a MC. Its not many "real MCs" around anymore. I can do any type of track, style, etc. I am who I am and my music is a reflection of that. I make mistakes and I'm still growing as both an artist and as a man...