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My Name is A.Ryder and I'm a Lyricist.. im more then just an average rapper.. Please Check Out All My Songs and feel Free to comment.. also if you're on twitter please follow Me @ www.Twitter.com/SayARyder i follow back, cuz i love to hear what peopl...


S.Vee: Dream of success in life with the music im surrounded by should really help me out. days n nights everysecond n day of my life i can feel it . im not in it for usein anyone i have my own talent n i wont stop until im there i will b willing to ...


Before the days of compasses, Google MapQuest and Al Rocker, the Ancients would search for direction through evaluating luminous balls of plasma. The Greeks would predict the weather by analyzing the setting of fixed stars. In the late 1800s it was t...

Symbols of Sex

Swagger appeal and ruthless confidence define the group of four unique artists known as Symbols of Sex (S.O.S.). Their style and sound reflect the origin of the late 70's funk movement and early hip-hop culture when people made music for their enjoym...