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Unlike many that has followed music through the Golden ages, Atlanta's lyrical artist Truist aka TRU, didn't focus on Hip-Hop until early 2001. With a different entrance into the world of Hip-Hop, TRU has developed a unique set of skills and lyrical ... Read More

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My name is Lindsay Aline and I'm a singer from San Francisco. My debut album is out and Ihope you enjoy it! Any feedback is always appreciated!

Irvan Scott

Irvan Scott - Producer, singer, rapper all around artist, born in D.C, S.E typical from the Hood story, public housing, Lost my older brother to gun violence just recently lost my father last year but still on the grind doing what keeps me happy and ...


Kick K Lee, is an active music producer who has produced various artists from various locations. Born February 17th in the Midwest City of Cincinnati, Partially raised in Miami Beach, FL. He started creating beats in the summer 2003 after listening t...