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hey wus good witcha (sexy ladies and cool ass gentelemen) thanks for stopin in on my page!please take a moment to add me as your friend!if you need any help just ask me and i will do what i can to help ya out.i do this music cuz i love it and work wi... Read More

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  • "Come on pretty Baby"dj mr high

  • "Google Me" dj checkmate

  • Burnt Bridges_DJ MR HIGH

  • Dj Mr.High_Big151_freestyle


  • Sticks N Stones_Dj Mr.High


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hip hop , trap music

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I bring people and sounds together that make people think, move, and create harmony

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Mad Funk has always been a renaissance of sorts. It continues to showcase elements of the dope bass grooves, harmonic strings, and overall funk vibes reminiscent of legendary artist like Zapp & Roger Troutman, Parlament, and Stevie Wonder. Just as im...