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After a year of music conferences, character assassination attempts, hurt from lost ones, and more…. Amp Teez – Billfold Entertainment stands as a recording artist, certified, self employed, dream chaser. Heavy wit rap groups, touring and other even... Read More

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  • O-H-I-O

  • Catch Up

    Faces (The Mixtape)

  • Give It To Her

    Faces (The Mixtape)

  • Im Just Being Me (clean)

    Going Green

  • I Riiide

    Time 2 Collect (Compilation)

  • Just Holla @ Me

    Time 2 Collect (Compilation)

  • Stack It Up

    Time 2 Collect (Compilation)

  • Old Wayz

    Whats Da Deal (Mixtape)

  • Skatin'

    Whats Da Deal (Mixtape)

  • We Hot

    Whats Da Deal (Mixtape)

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what up people i have been doing music for a long time.I first broke in to the bussiness as a A&R for a label called tech-9 ent my first artis as a manger/A&R was guy by the name of mindbinder you see i have alwats rhymed an been emcce but i first tr...


Hip-Hop Professionalé trying to save the worldAmsterdam City the album COMING SUMMER 2013Twitter: @real_mdhIG: mdh4realFacebook: