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The Supreme General, hip hop's self proclaimed saviour was birthed out of the gritty streets of Buffalo, NY. A fan of hip hop virtually since birth, it seemed only natural that Supreme would eventually make his debut as one of raps' most lyrically talented. 'Supreme', defined as being the ultimate; last, and greatest accurately personifies the industry's most talented up & coming emcee - The Supreme General.

The General, or "Preme" as close family and friends call him, recieved an early education in street survival. After years of perfecting his hustle, the overtly fly, young, street veteran decided to try his hand at rap. In 2005, long time friend Damian "D-Official" Vega taught him the technical aspects of creating hip hop music. Immediately, Supreme fused the fundamental knowledge learned from Vega with his own classic style and street savvy to create his authentic Hustle Game vision. Supreme says, "I love & respect Dame for everything he did for me at that time". Aside from Vega, Supreme draws inspiration from a time that he affectionately refers to as "an era of masterpieces". He cites classic rap albums from the 90's, including: "Illmatic", "Makaveli", "Life after Death", and "Reasonable Doubt" as being heavily influential. The General expresses that his debut album, "Clear & Present Hustla", will "simply be a masterpiece, the likes of which the rap game hasn't seen since the early to mid 90's".

Supremes' music illuminates an effortless execution of lyrical depth and vivid storytelling. He attributes this to a combination of his own life experiences and his uncanny ability to paint lyrical pictures through music. The General is supremely confident in his lyrical abilities and boldly asserts, "I personally consider myself the greatest emcee to ever hold a microphone". To those with differing opinions, he offers an alternative, "I challenge you to find another rapper who has the keen combination of talent, vision, intelligence, and just pure skill".

After one listen to his mixtape entitled "The Prelude 2 a Classic", that includes standout tracks "Alone & high", "Supreme Dreamin", and "Catch me in the hood", it is clearly proven without a shadow of a doubt that indeed Supreme is the future.

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