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Blurb about Straightface

Straightface Records is an Indie Label based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. It is one of the most diverse organizations to ever hit the market. Straightface covers all genres of music.
Straightface CEO Carlos Jeff and super-producer Brent Piphus, also of Cincinnati, do all production in-house. Straightface Records is the Brainchild of CEO Carlos Jeff. Born in the heart of Hip-Hop culture, Brooklyn, New York (Red Hook section), Carlos was instilled with a multi-cultural base of music at an early age. Being half African American and half Puerto Rican decent he was brought up on what he calls “Real music”. Music made by trained musicians, not overpriced computer programs!
The people who have influenced Carlos include: Mildred Jeff, his mother, who is a soulfull jazz singer, Earth,Wind and Fire, George Clinton, Stevie Wonder, L.L. Cool J., Run DMC, B.D.P. and the late, great Tito Puente. “Old School music is what you will hear pumping out of my stereo”, he states.
Spending his formative years as a resident of Cincinnati, Carlos was able to witness the place where “Funk” was created and mastered. “The West Coast reps most of the funk-style of Hip-Hop, but it was birthed in Ohio. Mr Jeff’s paternal side of his family is natives of Jazzland, U.S.A., New Orleans. Carlos prides himself in letting you know all about his grandfather Morris Jeff being the first black man to hold a job as a New Orleans city hall official, and how the Jeff family helped shape the formation of the African American community of New Orleans. “My grandfather was a celebrity when he was alive. He was King of the Zulus and he brought me up listening to the Jazz/Blues combo of music that was designed and perfected in New Orleans. He was a good friend of the late Louis Armstrong.
After graduating from high school, it was on to the Mecca of southern Hip-Hop, Atlanta Ga. While attending Clark Atlanta University on a football scholarship Carlos was introduced to music that makes you get out of your seat! “I was in the ATL when Outkast dropped their first single, Kriss Kross was ‘jumping’, and TLC was on top of the charts. The A.U. Center gave me memories for life. Nothing beats a black college football game, followed by the after-parties! There is no other place in the world where you can find 10,000 plus African American students congregating in one area at the same time daily”, Carlos exclaims.
- On working with Brent Piphus:
“Brent and I have been friends for over twenty years. He is one of the most talented people that I have ever set eyes on. He is an ex-member of the Mighty Marching Marauders of Central State University. He can blow your socks off with that trumpet of his. His R&B inspired tracks can easily be converted into any style. All I can say is Brent is going to be a household name in a year or two”

Artist currently on the roster at Straightface, or ones that are produced or managed by Straightface include: Cinstar(Atl/Cincy) Veedo (Maryland) Big House(Pennsylvania) Breathless(Nebraska) Amina James (Cali) Nsane da Crunk Sanger ( ATL)

Straightface Records is an entity of The Straightface Entertainment Group, which includes Straightface Films, and Straightface Kennels. Rock, R&B, Hip_Hop, Jazz, Funk, Blues, Reggae; We Do Them All, and We Do Them All WELL!!!!!!!!!

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