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Every now and then an artist pops up and surprises you with good music that is fun and a joy to listen to. Kenny Peck, songwriter for The Smoky Jack Band, is one of those rare musical gems. With a couple of singles and a CD already circulating, good news awaits new listeners.

Having successfully released the 15 song album NAKED JACK in January that featured the urban hit 'Shine On' and some tricky rock n roll, COUNTRY JACK is a look at the band's country music side of the music mountain.

Songwriter Kenny Peck and the band paint images with their lyrics and there is no doubt about what their intentions are, from getting caught by Mama in a country cut-up, hiking' to the speedway, or cuddling quietly in love. Witty, fun, clever and catchy, pop and country music have a refreshing new band making old sound in a fun way...just what radio needs.

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