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Luca Mar – “Esperanza” Source: Obscure Sound(http://obscuresound.com/

Luca Mar’s “Esperanza”, the second single from the group’s forthcoming debut album, is a lush success. The Bellingham, Washington-based act cohesively integrates aspects of shoegaze and electronic-pop for a chillwave-friendly...

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Winnie – “With A Few Pennies” Source: Obscure Sound(http://obscuresound.com/)

“With A Few Pennies” is a slice of unique psych-pop that features a church organ and some children’s voices, sounding like it would be appropriately set in some colorful, acid-fueled carnival. The final minute, where the track culminates in the various vocal outputs and a fun n’ twangy guitar emphasis, wraps up everything up nicely […] The post Winnie – “With A Few Pennies” appeared first on .

Premiere: Today Junior – “Tramp” Source: Obscure Sound(http://obscuresound.com/)

Boston indie-rock trio Today Junior will be releasing a 10-track album, Single Forever, in the near future — with the album being preceded by the breezy single “Tramp”, which we’re happy to premiere today. Having received a nice reception over the past six months when performed live around in the U.S., “Tramp” is a track […] The post Premiere: Today Junior – “Tramp” appeared first on .

Luca Mar – “Esperanza” Source: Obscure Sound(http://obscuresound.com/)

Luca Mar’s “Esperanza”, the second single from the group’s forthcoming debut album, is a lush success. The Bellingham, Washington-based act cohesively integrates aspects of shoegaze and electronic-pop for a chillwave-friendly aesthetic, resulting in a dreamy and laid-back sound that soars with particular beauty upon the track title’s audible repetition. Transporting listeners to a dream-like state […] The post Luca Mar – “Esperanza” appeared first on .

Blurred Out – “Meadows” Source: Obscure Sound(http://obscuresound.com/)

“Meadows” is the debut single from Oakland-based indie-rock quartet Blurred Out. They aptly describe their sound as “noisy but tuneful” — with fluid guitars meshing nicely with a vocal performance that upticks in pitch and intensity during the soaring chorus. Certain production choices, like the lingering guitar feedback around 01:43 and the appealing fuzz-friendly guitar […] The post Blurred Out – “Meadows” appeared first on .

Weaver – “Boxes” Source: Obscure Sound(http://obscuresound.com/)

“Boxes” is a new single from Swedish artist Weaver, the project of Johan Weber. He formed Weaver in 2012 after gaining renown in the Swedish music scene as a drummer. Five years later, Weber has two EPs under the Weaver name, with the excellent “Boxes” being his most recent single. The release is accompanied by […] The post Weaver – “Boxes” appeared first on .

Vantim – “Youth In Ice” Source: Obscure Sound(http://obscuresound.com/)

“Youth In Ice” is the third track release from Vantim, an ambiguous one-man project from Chicago with an audible affinity for jangly guitars and a hypnotic, serene soundscape. The guitars bounce in lively fashion around the caressing vocals, which croon yearning lyrics like “Why don’t you euthanize me? Oh, please don’t tell me you didn’t […] The post Vantim – “Youth In Ice” appeared first on .

Soaked Oats – “Gum-15” Source: Obscure Sound(http://obscuresound.com/)

Soaked Oats are New Zealand quartet that produce a suave, twangy vein of rock that shines bright on new single “Gum-15”. The track is the first single off their upcoming EP No Slip Ups. The verses alternate between rhythmic-led minimalism and the incorporation of twangy guitars, leading into a delectable distortion-friendly burst at 02:13 as […] The post Soaked Oats – “Gum-15” appeared first on .

Eric Anders – “This Fire Has Burned Too Long” Source: Obscure Sound(http://obscuresound.com/)

Having been featured in the past with tracks like “Big World Abide” and “So Wrong“, California-based singer/songwriter Eric Anders has shown sides of laid-back, jazz-tinged melancholy and politically-minded acoustical efforts, respectively. His new track “This Fire Has Burned Too Long” merges both approaches, serving both a scathing critique of the present political climate over a […] The post Eric Anders – “This Fire Has Burned Too Long” appeared first on .


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