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On August 23 1985 a child by the name of Marcus J. Robinson (Later to be known as Mic Skilz) was brought into this world. No one knew the great potential that this young feller possessed while he was growing up. All his parents wanted him to do was go to school, get his education and make something of himself. As far as he was concerned, he didn’t really know what he wanted to be when he grew up due to the fact that he had so many options to choose from. 

And to everyone’s surprise he choose to be a rapper, yes,…. A RAPPER!?  His mother always says “Out of all the things you could be, you decided to be a rapper?” (SMH) And that is something he openly admits he regrets.

He choose this as a career because a lot of people use to tell him that he was actually decent and he should consider doing more than writing verses in a notebook, but to him, he just thought it would be a easy way to make money.

Due to the fact that he was so uneducated about the career he was trying to pursue he quickly realized that getting to where he wanted to go was going to be harder than expected. And they say “It’s not what you know, It’s who you know”  and at the time he didn’t know anything or anyone.

Since he didn’t want to try to break into the music industry without any knowledge of what he was getting into, he decided to do research, and research is what he did for about two years. 

In 2005 Mic Skilz decided to put together a mix tape so he can attempt to start getting some exposure. 
He went to Wal-Mart and purchased a 20 dollar microphone, downloaded a bunch on the most popular instrumentals he could find and got to work. The end result was horrible, I mean, the lyrics were there…
but the quality and sound was torture on the ear drums. (LOL)

In 2006 after doing some upgrading and a bit more research Mic Skilz decided to put out another mix tape which was entitled “Nice And Nasty”. The meaning behind the name being that he was nice lyrically and the nasty was referring to the way people would screw their faces up to his punch lines as if they smelled something unpleasant. And even though this attempt was an improvement from the previous, it still wasn’t up to par.

But that didn’t become a factor until he started to wonder why he wasn’t getting the feedback he was expecting and later found out that if the music isn’t crystal clear, nobody will give it any ear play no matter how good the lyrical content may be. And that left him with hurt feelings and a broken heart but instead of  looking at that in a negative light Mic Skilz decided to use that as motivation to continue to strive for better.

In 2007 after finding out the information he needed  Mic Skilz put together a mix tape entitled “Operation X-Posure”. The purpose of the mix tape was to gain exposure and create awareness.

In 2008 Mic Skilz decided to put together a “Suthern Emcee”  mix tape series that would consist of three volumes with the first being released in 2009 and the second in 2010.

To Date Mic Skilz is a solo artist on a  independent label by the name of Classified Entertainment and is currently working on Back 2 Reality and Suthern Emcee Vol. 3.

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