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JSH is an Independant artist out of Springfield Il. JSH is a one man project of John S Hofman\'s. John has put together a small Independant Studio / JSH studios where he produces his own cd\'s from his home. John comes from the Hard Rock days of the late 70\'s & 80\'s. He has ben influenced by everyone from Jimi Hendrix , Kiss , Led Zepllin , Black Sabbath , Rush & many of the early rock bands, to the more recent likes of Steve Via & Joe Satriani. These & many of Johns musician friends have influenced & helped shape the truly original sound that is JSH. John is not in it for the money, or popularity or the praise of the world. His only desire is to share what God has blessed him with . " My sincere hope is that you will enjoy my guitar half as much as I do

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  • I just imported 3 videos from my Youtube account. Visit my profile here to watch.

    on March 17, 2013


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