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Jared Dalton - Hip Hop Artist

Born Jared Dalton, J.D. is a 22 year old hip hop artist hailing from Nashville. Driven by his outright love and appreciation of music, he specializes in recording that is uniquely catchy and laced with emotion. J.D. has been known as a self-reliant individual who understands the value of hard work. His experiences have taught him the title of his album, "It Ain't Easy". From struggles and hardship to being on top of his game, he has transformed and channeled this energy with his natural musical talent. The journey of his life has been one filled with excitement, fun, struggle, perseverance, and now its a new season. A season for productivity, a season to reap the benefits of his labor, thanks to God. The only person that provides a way when we can't even see one ourselves. Music is his life, Music is his love, Music has now became his job as well as his opportunity. With great respect does he call himself a Hip Hop artist, as the game has produced many greats and touched many souls. He now looks to search for his own place, and make his own impact...yes its J.D

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