joined: Feb 22, 2018
albums: 3
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Genre: Electronica

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Hello everyone and thanks for checking out my music! I've been making music since I was about 2 (it was just a little keyboard toy but it worked and introduced me to music). I make music mainly as a hobby and to give myself some form of expression for how I'm feeling. It's always a lot of fun and I enjoy it immensely!

I've got songs spanning a few genres but I tend to mix them all together and create hybrid tunes. Usually you'll hear hints of Electronica and Hip-Hop somewhere in there along with a sort of relaxing theme.

I don't ask of anything other then comments and a Flattr if you feel my work deserves it.

Thank you and enjoy!

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quick play Grazing the Edge by: Aeronic Plays: 0
quick play Portaling by: Aeronic Plays: 0
quick play Line Arcs Hurt : by: Aeronic Plays: 0
quick play Swiftly Stitching by: Aeronic Plays: 0
quick play Stitchin by: Aeronic Plays: 1
quick play Kwesting by: Aeronic Plays: 16 $
quick play Gettin' Shanked by: Aeronic Plays: 25 $
quick play Gefarce by: Aeronic Plays: 17 $
quick play Fluidify by: Aeronic Plays: 354 $
quick play Trust by: Aeronic Plays: 307 $
quick play Super Fun by: Aeronic Plays: 358 $
quick play Funky Blips by: Aeronic Plays: 332 $
quick play Floating by: Aeronic Plays: 310 $

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