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born in houston tx nov 2 1987 jorge rodriguez alias drastiko mr.die slow also known as struggle came from a family who never owned a new car or a home till this day.grew up as a child from the ghetto houston heights is hood to be exact grew up banging screw bonethugs tupac and many more drastiko's music is filled with agony which u can feel threw the speakers frustrations,anger,real life situations,happiness,motivation music drastiko has a unique style compared to others" he quotes"that hes here to innovate the music game bring it back to good classical music.some speak about him how he creates melody's and good topics on songs he also mention that he wus born for this here's a lil about him: at age 9 he intented his first freestyle but really at age 12 he picked it up as a hobby freestyling recording him self on a boombox with a microphone.at age 16 he started to write his own lyrics n playing the piano with his father.a couple of months later he started recording in a friends studio he motivated people with his energy and it became a record label they successfully dropped 6 mixtapes.at age 18 his crew lost a friend his rapping partner later changed his way of living so there for drastiko became a solo artist after that.drastiko tried going to different studios he worked with one of his friends but music wasen't working out so he moved foward at age 21 he met his friend/partner/boss xtasys from aztecink.were he became his first artist and he started the label now drastiko is recording two albums that they about to hit the streets....die slow the warning coming soon the album before the album ...n the officially die slow aLbum also coming soon..

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J phunq
J phunq | on January 04, 2011

Thanks 4 the request more songs a b posted soon


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