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Introducing Bishop DaGreat

As a teenager, Cincinnati, OH native Dion “Bishop DaGreat” Thornton would sometimes record interesting conversations he had with friends on mini cassettes. This recording of everyday conversations developed into Bishop writing poetry and spoken word pieces. Writing poems later evolved into writing a book in 2004.


His official introduction to the music scene began in 2001 when he met a local group, “51 3rd” and began helping with his own style of aggressive promotion. A lifelong relationship with the group’s in-house producer, Jey 9, was formed and Bishop went on to market and sell beats for Jey 9 from 2002-2003, and in 2004 Bishop took on an artist development role to develop a hip-hop artist known as Feva. As Bishop worked on promotional strategies, he had always been known to attract people with just his words. With much encouragement and fundamental guidance from Feva and childhood friend “THEO”, in 2008 Bishop wrote his first verse. Shortly thereafter, Bishop and Feva formed a hip-hop duo by the name of FTDUBBB (pronounced “F. T. DUB”), which soon became a trio with the addition of their friend and fellow artist Gemini.


Bishop’s first public performance as a recording artist occurred on August 8, 2008 (8-8-08). From being Co-Ceo of the label and a part of a trio, he wanted to take the group to new heights as well as highlight each artist in a solo aspect. He saw untapped potential and wanted more for his team. Unfortunately his views were not shared and in 2012 the group dissolved, leaving Bishop with a choice to make...


Bishop has an unorthodox method of storytelling mixed with a unique delivery of reflecting on occurrences in his life. Bishop makes sure he has a deep connection to the songs he writes. He states that “the only way that I can make music is if I feel the song; I can’t write to a track that I don’t feel in my soul.” With songs like “To Da Core” and “I’m Just Saying”, Bishop is not afraid to speak his mind.


An entertaining life makes for entertaining songs; Bishop’s music pulls from his real life experiences. He enjoys traveling and some of his out-of-town experiences and fast-paced lifestyle have created plenty of provocative and insightful subject matter for his music.


He is a business-minded individual who understands the behind-the-scenes aspects of music as well as the creative. With his passion for marketing, Bishop is no stranger to branding himself through or expanding the DUBBB LIF3 brand. His view of duality and the voices of good and evil play a role in his decision making process as an artist and as a businessman. “Necessary evils are a good thing... life is just the balance beam.”


Description: dubbbL 85.jpgBishop Da Great is comfortable in his skin; he is unapologetic and isn’t afraid to speak his mind. Regardless if it’s work behind the scenes or on the stage, Bishop will always keep true to himself and never second-guesses the situation.


“I don’t question myself, but I challenge myself.”

Contact Bishop DaGreat

Phone: 678-88-DUBBB



Facebook | Instagram | ReverbNation | SoundCloud | Twitter | YouTube




2009 - FTW Presents The Vault (Mixtape)

2010 - FTDUBBB Presents "1st 48: Cincinnati" Hosted by DJ Logikal (Mixtape)

2011 - FTDUBBB Presents "The DUBBB Cartel" Hosted by DJ Whitey (Album)

2012 - TIBW - Truth In Black & White - Bishop DaGreat (Album)

2013 – I’m Just Sayin – Bishop (Single)

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  • I just imported 1 video from my Youtube account. Visit my profile here to watch.

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