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I’m Aginthan, and I\'m born in Denmark. And at the moment I live here too. I’m studying at the Aalborg University. I love spending a lot time on music and such stuff. I’ve been teached in Carnatic Music, also known as Sangitham, since I was 8.

The first step I took into the world of independent music was when I was about the 13-14 years old. At that time, Remix was very popular, so I tried it too. For some reason, they weren’t that good, and when the years went by, I developed myself, and began composing my own music. 
In 2009 I released my first own composition, titled “Manathai Thirudivittaai”, since then I’ve been making a lot of compositions, and lately I’m doing projects with young talents all around the world. It’s something I found really special and I’m very happy about it.

Besides the composing, I love to sing tamil cinema songs. But in all this time, it’s been something I’ve just sung for myself, but now I’ve decided to let the world hear how bad I am at it. LOL! Well, I’m really not good at it, I’d rather stay to making compositions, but who know, sometimes you have to try something new, and if people like it, it might be an option for me in the future too. Time will show…

Anyhow, I like to blog about things I experience in my life. Enjoy your stay here on Facebook,, and you’re more than welcome to send me a private message if you\'re interested in singing or writing lyrics. Always looking for new talents. :-)

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