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From The streets of Los Angeles and fought my way with God always behind me keeping me safe yet letting me have enough to learn that i have to lean on him.But drugs,anger,sin kept me down but God finally broke me down enough to give it up.I still get down but he lifts me up.And i really started focusing on the music gift he gave me and so.I write write write and try to bless people with good sounds and minister to hearts, and tell stories of Life and something that the average person to relate to.Im not a preacher i come from the REAL side of life the school of hard knox.So i could never judge anyone because i would have to pick up that stone and throw it at myself .So Remember God loves you.So i will stop here and get back to writing songs and i hope you enjoy my music and it brightens your day,night or morning. God Bless.......Tim aka (Tone4Yeshua)

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  • @mone Thanks for the listen! Appreciate that have a great day!

    on April 15, 2012
  • Well here we go new here and just to let you know, that most of my songs are instru"mental" their for I had had thought behind the title

    on April 15, 2012


jshrockz | on March 17, 2013

You have some good sounds . Love Micah & the acoustic work.


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