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 The Smiling Lies are a 4 piece original band that started in 2009. Each member attends a separate university on the east coast of the US. As one we represent Millersville University, Temple University, James Madison University, West Chester University, and anywhere else you want us! We love to play shows for anyone and everyone. Contact us at, follow us on twitter, and "like" us on facebook if you like what you hear!

"I still remember listening to Arctic Monkeys demos and having that giddy feeling that I discovered something really special. Who knows if The Van Goghs will be the next Arctic Monkeys, but that doesn’t matter. What does is that they are a great young talent that deserves your attention.

The band hails from York, Pennsylvania and deliver the exciting rock goods. For a young band they sound self assured and confident, which reminded me a lot of some band from Sheffield." -Will Oliver (We All Want Someone To Shout For)

"When I first heard these guys, many of you can, you will be aching feeling in my chest, and a very impressionable fans of Alex Turner and Miles Kane's eyes begin to podstupat, in a fit of nostalgia, tears."

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