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Taylor Skelton is the lead singer/guitar player for rock band Whisky Jack. Over the past few years, he has worked on a side project to bring a different form of music to the airwaves. This new project is a softer side of rock/indie music. Finally ready to put pencil to recording studio, he and a few other musicians went into Hush Studios and recorded 5 songs under the CD title “Heavy Rain”. These 5 songs became a second focus for Taylor allowing a different and refreshing sound showcasing his many talents. His joyful acoustic guitar playing is a delight to audiences everywhere. 

Taylor Skelton is happy to announce the release of his lead title song “Heavy Rain” on his yet to be released CD. “This song is a metaphor to convey the feelings of not being in control; of having something slip through your fingers – realizing what is happening, still doing it, and the inevitable outcome” states Taylor. It is a face paced rock tune about a man confused as his woman shakes his finger at him. He compares it to the instability of the weather’s pattern. He adores this cat and mouse play and in the end, he professes his love as the relationship dissolves. The main theme of these 5 songs revolves around this type of relationship role-play. Taylor brings it all full circle with his fun, melodic delivery filled with great guitar play and an overall arrangement. These songs move with a bounce and rhythm that is able to capture the audience’s attention as he sings his surprisingly dark lyrics. 

Currently “Heavy Rain” along with other singles are available in their digital format. You can listen to and/or purchase Taylor’s music by logging onto:

www.promofm.com (Search: Taylor Skelton) 

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