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Scaller are an indie rock band formed in 2012, Jakarta, Indonesia. The group consists of Reney Karamoy ( guitar, vocal ), and Stella Gareth ( vocal, synth ). Specifically, the band\\\'s most prominent influences are The Beatles, Radiohead and Janis Joplin.

Scaller\'s music contents solid groove, strong rhythm pole, vintage and modern sound, aggressive vocals and casual lyrics. The band\\\'s sound considered as vintage and modern by blending classic instruments such as Guitar, Piano, Bass, Drums and modern instruments (Bass Synthesizer, Electronic Drum Kits,). They built unique grooves and rhythm by using odd time signature in several tracks. Their lyrics talk about daily things in life, troubles, relationships, etc.

Scaller is an abbreviation of "Simply Called Reverse". The word "Reverse" defines the philosophy of their music that combine everything in roots of music from 60s to \'00 into new sounds that represent themselves. 

In 2009, the band gained their reputation playing bars and major events in Jakarta called themselves Spotlight. In 2012, they decided to focus making their own songs and recorded first EP debut titled "1991". 
Now their recent activities are promoting their first EP with single "Live and Do" to radios and participates in live gigs.

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