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I'm a Fusion Hip Hop artist from Detroit, MI. Instead of my music just staying within Hip Hop, I fuse all genres into one and experiment. I compose my own music, I songwrite, I rap, and I engineer myself. I started rapping at age 13 with my cousin Juan DeAndre Jones (Juan Tha Militant). But after his death in 2006, I gave it up. I started taking it seriously in 2008 when I started working on my very first solo project called Chaos Theory (Which released in June 2009). I then started working on another project called The Morning After in late 2009. It represented a new day in my life. The morning after the pain and stress that I went through in that year. I then formed a group consisting of four artists including myself. They are rapper Young Kasanova (15), singer/rapper Cyte (20), Myself (19) and rapper Queen Brina (20).

I am currently working on my next project Hybrid Complex alongside upcoming independent label Rize 2 Power and CEO/artist Nate "Staten" Abrams.

I hope you enjoy my music. I'm all about making music that helps people. Something that they can relate to. I consider each song to be a psychology session for my listeners.

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