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I'm an artist from Detroit I Been a writer for 10 years and a producer for 2 years. Currently I'm a hour away from Georgia on the outskirts of Alabama. I'm raising my kids and trying to get my music career jump started. I'm a lyrical kind of rapper its all about lyrics to me I also sing to and I'm a producer and sell beat to other artists I'm also a member/CEO of Hood Delta Force And my mission is to bring you the music you love to hear I dont know about you but I'm Getting tired of watching the industry fall apart with these lame rappers out here. So its my time to come and repair Hip Hop to what it should be. Not to blow smoke but listen to the music and you decipher whats good. I think I'm one of the best rapper underground and in the industry. So as we take this journey into my music be sure you check out my lyrics and my songs from upcoming mixtapes and albums. To be truthful I know I deserve a shot to make it in the music industry I live sleep bleed music I am music. Make sure you get that Infusion album guaranteed to blow your mind

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RioGrand13 | on May 02, 2012

Whats up friends and fam on facebook come check out my new music fan page, listen to my new song called Star Light feat. Lil Koheba aka Anthjuan Abnormal Bowens and my boy B Money song Im Gone feat. Rio Grand 13 and Lil Koheba at


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