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Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

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Rayne Storm is a multi-talented hip-hop artist and producer who wrote his first play in the first grade and always maintained a passion for wordplay, storytelling and music. Born and raised in Sugar Hill, namesake of the creators of the hip-hop classic "Rapper's Delight" and also of the once notorious neighborhood on the edge of Harlem, Rayne lived through some of the best and worse life has to offer. Inspired by those experiences and the ability of great musicians to mold them into music, Rayne began to take rhyming serious after watching two of his favorite artists, Snoop Dogg & Dr. Dre perform live in Times Square and a chance meeting with Jay-Z in 2000.

While attending Edward A. Reynolds West Side High School, Rayne interned for Teen Talk Productions and was a Radio and Television Show host who later graduated with A's and an Honors Certificate in music. After graduation Rayne joined The Hip-Hop Project, a non-for-profit organization that gave youth with creative talent a place to grow and learn about the music business, most of whom came from tough upbringings. In 2005, a documentary on The Hip-Hop Project was released in theartes with sponsorship from Russell Simmons and executive produced by actor Bruce Willis and Queen Latifah.

While at HHP, Rayne met Amber Ravenel and after a series of freestyle session, joined the young independent upstart Ravenel Records. With Ravenel, Rayne began recording some of his first studio tracks, producing his own songs and performing at several venues in New York City, getting his feet wet in the music industry for the first time.

After two years with Ravenel Records, he began to embark on the long and tedious journey to perfect his craft in both writing and production and to build Monopolyhouse Entertainment. Taking the knowledge he gained from Hip Hop Project, his experience with Ravenel Records and his own genius and creativity, Rayne began developing new marketing and promotional ideas, using his company to jump start his own career and begin a massive online promotional movement.

In 2006, Rayne Storm released his first mixtape, Storm's Coming and created a buzz on the internet that reached from East to West Coast and internationally with a fan base in Romania and mixtape sales as far as Sri Lanka, India. Storm's Coming gave him recognition as a raw talented lyricist with a conscious. He continued to ride the momentum of his mixtape and began remixing some of the hottest songs out and dropping more original tracks and freestyles to keep the listeners ears filled with his voice.

In 2008, he released the The Unkrowned King LP and soon gained and maintained chart topping songs across many popular online music promotion sites such as Download.com (now Last.fm), Soundclick.com, Ourstage.com and Jamwave.com, where he dominated the #1 hip-hop artist and all music charts for over a year.

After years of dedication and perseverance through setbacks and unexpected tragedies, Rayne Storm has emerged ready to take his place in the heart and soul of hip-hop. His presence is demanding, his flow is like water, his delivery like a storm. He has produced thousands of instrumentals and hundreds of songs over the past few years. He is as passionate as he is a perfectionist about his craft. His straight forward lyrical style is as aggressive as it is conscious. He is an out of the box thinker who builds his music based on the world around him and is a voice that relates to many. With new projects on the way including his independent debut album, The King of Me, hip-hop is about witness the definition of powerful music.

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DivaKay | on July 06, 2009

Just sayin hey to my myspace & IBC buddy.....Have a great week!!

DivaKay | on February 04, 2009

LUV THE MUSIC... checked out "The World We Live In" on Myspace... cool


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