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Many Blessed ...

Many Blessed

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Tone4Yeshua | on April 15, 2012

Good Stuff man! Good work, nice to hear something different in this style I believe hip hop has plateaued. Just like every style of music goes through. I am in love with all types of music, but at least with me you passed the 30 second test and I didn't roll my eyes LOL. I feel I have a pretty good ear for music and what should be paid attention to and getting to the ears and making money for record labels. But I pissed it away as a foolish young buck that needed the father and has got him now..still trying to become wise man...Keep it up..good advice here for you..When you ask someone who your track sounds like, and they say "I don't know" That's the best complement you can get if they say "so and so" go back and find that root and kill it hahahah


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