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I am 24 yrs old, I reside in Buffalo, NY,(716). I have been spittin' fo 12 yrs now. I consider my self to be a very confident rapper, I am my number one fan. All of my music is based on true events troughout my life, I do alot of freestylin,right now I'm on my s*** right now. Yes i am a young n*** with alot of miles wit me , I been there doing that. In 2007 I started S.B.E along with Da vinci.Lil White,and Silv.I have been dying to have the chance to introduce the streets to my team. About an year later ,I put together a group called Street rebelz,which is now consist of five exclusive rappers: Magic P, Tinted Rome, Da Cypher,Bigga,Fresh. So be ready cuz this just the beginning , We So Swavie: We are so in it to win it , one of the strongest movements. I am so confident as a ceo standing behind this movement. 716 B-LO is where we reside. We about to hit the streets like a eartquake, the best thing you can do is hold on cuz we comin', Ya dig!!!!!!!!

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