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Born Keith Pressley in Atlanta,GA on December 17,1982.I adopted
the name Luckie.The name comes from being caught up in many situations that
normal people would not be able to walk away from.Every since I could remember
I've been fascinated with music,not only the music but the hard work that it takes to make
good quality music.My biggest inspiration in music was the late great Tupac Shakur.
He was one of the only ones I could really relate to in his music and his everyday life.

My rapping career goes back as far as Jr. High school,rapping just to get attention from
females.I soon got discovered that he could really rap and I chose to let my talent
speak for itself. I've done numerous amounts of talent shows and never accepted anything
less than 2nd place. When I first started out I had a group called Perfect Thuggz,it consisted
of 5 members. They were in and out of deals with Bone Thugs N Harmony,nothing
happend behind it so I chose to take the group elsewhere.
They were on the local cable TV show and people called up saying they liked our
music and the style we had to offer.

Eventually I left the group and began working on my own projects
because I was the only one in the group doing all of the legwork.
I was writing and composing all of the songs,I set all of the studio times,dates,
and booked all of the shows.he soon figured that I could do better by my self,so
that's why I am solo till this very day.

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