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    We all can say what we want about the current state of the music industry. Even though it’s not quite as prevalent on radio as we’d like, there is definitely a niche market of fans who patiently anticipate the time when Hip Hop in its truest form will once again emerge as the representation of the genre as a whole. Khris Audio, the Miami-born and Orlando-based producer, represents Hip Hop in its purest form. After earning degrees in both Audio Engineering and Business, he began to network and craft songs with local talent, and eventually gaining national interest. Contrary to the electronic and club-driven music of the South, Audio’s sample-based production is a different take on the classic “boom bap” sound. Khris Audio hopes that through his production company, Soundbreaking Music, there will be a solid platform for talent to be realized in the most positive and productive way possible. His goal is to continue to create positive music for Hip Hop Heads, and stand as proof that Hip Hop is far from dead.

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