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My name is Florin Cosmin Chechisan but my friends call me Keky.

I was born in a refreshing summer day, on August 21th 1987, in a small town in the northern part of the country named Baia Mare.

When I was little, I already know that music was going cu be my main attraction, my dream, my life.

At my parents parties I was the cherry on top. I used to take my grandfathers hat and do a Michael Jackson impression. By the way, Michael is my idol since I was 5 years old, I grew up on his music.

My artistic talent wasn\'t taken too seriously by my parents, since neither was a musician, by my teachers were amazed by me and asked me to sing at the shows celebrating the end of school.

I had the musical debut when I was 12, with two songs .

I had a great success in my home town, making their way to the local radio station and from there to the air through the radio waves. The boom just happened.

Some TV shows and concerts followed, but missing a good manager (or any for that matter), success was only temporary.

I left the lights for some time, while I lived my teenage years. I knew that everything will piece togheter and that I had to be patient. All I had to do was to wait for the moment to get back on the stage and prepare for it.

Finishing highschool brought me to Bucharest with the excuse of University, but that was mainly to my parents. My main interest was music.

In Bucharest I got in contact with alot of people from the industry, and I even made some friends, though that wasn\'t exactly easy. Coming from a small town, to conquer the big one, without any help (sounds like the beginning of a movie right?).

Action is just beginning ...

Love & respect,


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  • I just imported 1 video from my Youtube account. Visit my profile here to watch.

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