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Karizmatic is a rap artist, philosopher, and policy analyst. His solo career began in earnest with his 2009 debut album “Anything is Possible.” The album introduced Karizmatic as an artist who boldly melds entertaining music with thought provoking insight and biting critique. Challenging listeners to expand their horizons and their imagination, his 2011 follow-up “DiggzTown” engaged listeners in a reflective allegory about the struggle of finding success through his personal commitment to authenticity versus doing what outsiders said would bring money and fame. His current project “DarkCaesar” seeks to motivate and inspire people to achieve their goals and live out their lives as their ideal self.

Karizmatic says “I’ve always sought to make music that is entertaining and also food for thought. At this point in my career I’m really focusing on making soulful, inspiring, motivational music.”

As a native of Hampton, VA and the son of Ghanaian parents, Karizmatic’s music represents a true melting pot of forward thinking ideology. He chronicles history and current events in the tradition of African scribes, while remaining centered in the rich tradition of Hip Hop lyricism. Through it all, his music is filled with a message of optimism and hope.

Karizmatic is clear on his desired position in Hip Hop. “As the son of African immigrants, I watched my parents struggle and succeed firsthand. It wasn’t easy, but we made the best out of things. I had to look at my career the same way. It probably didn’t follow the simplest path but looking back on it now I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. I just want people to have hope, keep the faith, and understand that no matter how bad it looks there is always a better way.”

Karizmatic has traveled from the streets, to college, to the corporate boardroom, and he brings all those experiences to his music and onto the stage. He’s a lifelong student of politics, a focused proponent of civil rights, and a dedicated Hip Hop loyalist.


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