Kadillak Kaz

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Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

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Straight out of Southern California, Kadillak Kaz symbolizes the Renaissance of the broader Hip Hop genre, one that has been bubbling and brimming in the recent years. The versatility of his collaborations, lyrical mastery, and classic appeal make Kadillak Kaz a truly distinguished artist on the West Coast. Born in an era of racial tension, heavy drug addictions, gang violence and growing up in a community of suffering, many thought the young boy of nothing more than 10 years old would live past 18. His relentless determination, undying spirit, and imperishable drive to persevere have made Kadillak Kaz a true embodiment of survival and strength... and now he is telling the world his story! Kadillak\'s passion for music is deeply rooted; his lyrics reflect an array of life experiences, from the most unimaginable circumstances that he\'s faced to the most cherished moments that he\'ll never forget. Kadillak\'s longstanding mantra, "I\'m trying to touch Jesus feet 1 time" invigorates him to take the listener on a poetic journey from his lowest points of misery and pain to his highest points of success and satisfaction. It is a journey like none other, and has universal appeal. As an artist, Kadillak believes his evolution is far from complete, as he constantly strives to master his craft, perfect his lyrical talents, and proceed to elevate into the upper echelons of music.   Not only does he have a voice that will be heard, but he is a force to be reckoned with. When asked about his purpose, he very plainly responds, “My pain is priceless. I’m telling my story of struggles in hopes of helping someone overcome  them and helping other individuals that can relate. I’m into motivational music. This music is my passion and something that will never die and when it’s time for my story to end…it will end in triumph.”  With his first project titled "Cash Out or Mash Out," released on 2-21-12, Kadillak Kaz welcomes a classic EP with hits like "Bedda Learn Bout It," "Godda Do" & "Here 4 U." Shortly after that, Kadillak released a classic album titled "The Coldest Winter Ever" which has already sold out overseas as well as Southern California. With collaborations from many artist Kadillak Kaz turned it into a stylistically diverse and creative project that gained a strong following in Japan, Germany, Paris, Canada, Africa and many other places. As a result of his hard work and extensive network, Kadillak Kaz has landed two songs on the upcoming movie "Gang Of Roses 2" soundtrack and two more songs on the movies mixture. Kadillak Kaz has also built strong relationships with several DJ\'s overseas. Recently, he released his first mix tape “Hood Legacy Vol. 12” that he co-hosted with DJ Kingflow of (Paris) France, and DJ Danny of Germany, as well as "Lak N Load" hosted by Dj Wizkid. August 20, 2013, Kadillak Kaz released the "Late Nights Ep" distributed by Empire Distribution and Skyballin Entertainment. With the release of his new single "I Gotta Secret" in heavy rotation, Kadillak is concentrating on dropping hot single after single with good videos to follow them. Preceding these works were some live performances with well respected artists such as: Raekwon, Pharcyde, Jayo Felony, Kurupt, Roscoe, Sleepy Brown, Sugar Free, Bad Azz, W.C., Ice Cube, Mack 10, Cashis, Jon B, just to name some. Kadillak Kaz plans to hold more concerts and shows long with movie appearances, merchandise and charity events. He is a believer in giving back and his passion for underprivileged children runs deep. His future looks bright as he continues to proceed with his love for music and making a difference through his experiences and the knowledge gained by his struggles.

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